Types of Flooring

Marmoleum Flooring

Marmoleum is a wonderful green product from Forbo. It’s made from natural raw materiels and creates no negative health issues during production, its life, or disposal. It’s allergy and asthma friendly and is naturally antistatic and resistant to bacteria. It comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns and make a wonderful floor surface for your home or workplace.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is a great, hard-wearing flooring option. It’s excellent in high traffic areas like kitchens and entryways and works well in areas susceptible to moisture like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Vinyl sheet flooring is perfect for homes with kids or pets thanks to its durability and easy clean-up. It’s available in a wide selection of patterns and colors to give you plenty of flexibility in choosing what’s right for your home.

VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) Flooring

Vinyl tile flooring comes in an array of styles. Some, like VCT, comes in solid or retro-flecked colors that look great in checkerboard patterns. Some offer the durability of a stone or ceramic floor at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl tile flooring is perfect for kitchens, entryways, home offices, etc. A vinyl tile floor is incredibly durable and cleans up with the swish of a mop–no scrubbing of grout! It’s a great alternative in the kitchen as it helps lessen the foot and knee strain that are common hazards of a hard surface floor like ceramic or stone.

Floor Underlayment

Underlayment is a thin layer of wood installed over subfloor wherever sheet vinyl flooring will be installed. It provides a smooth surface for the vinyl floor to lay upon. (Subfloor is the main structured floor the walls are built on, usually very rough.) Most of the time, if caught early enough, replacing the underlayment only can repair visible water damage in your floor, before it gets to the subfloor. This can be very cost efficient and can help you avoid the expense of replacing subfloor.