What’s Best For Me?

To determine what sort of flooring is best for you, start by considering what kind of use the floor will be getting. Then consider your budget. And finally, determine what sort of look you want to give the room in which your new floor will be installed.

Modifying Appearance

Marmoleum or vinyl tiles can give your kitchen a high-end, custom look that’s long-wearing and easy to clean but very economical.

Colored Marmoleum can give a space either a modern or vintage look depending on how they’re used. Don’t forget that Marmoleum is a completely green product!

Rooms that will see a lot of day to day traffic or regular dirty/muddy traffic particularly in homes with kids and pets (or surfers and mountain bikers) might benefit best from sheet vinyl. It stands up to abuse and is very easy to keep clean. Kitchens and bathrooms make spectacular use of these products.


See Your New Floor In Action

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